Probate and Estate Services

Administering an Estate...

can be a difficult and confusing process during a time when your family and loved ones need time, space, and support. 

Trail Ridge Trust Company can serve as personal representative (i.e., executor) of your estate.  Let our team of experienced estate administrators handle the complex process of probate, making sure that your legacy is preserved exactly as you intended. 

Estate Administration


We can help you find and file the necessary documents to begin the probate process. These could include:

  • the will
  • trust agreements
  • financial documents
  • unpaid bills 
  • other legal documents

Debt and Taxes

The last thing your family and loved ones need during this time are calls from debt collectors. Trail Ridge Trust Company will identify and confirm any debts owed from the estate and, in the proper process, pay those outstanding debts.  This includes any outstanding tax bill due to the state or federal government by the individual and/or the estate.


The Executor of the estate has the responsibility to distribute assets as defined in the will. This can be a stressful and emotional process for beneficiaries and the executor alike. 

Trail Ridge Trust Company will defend the administration of your will against any disputes by beneficiaries or creditors.

Closing the Estate

When your estate has been fully administered as specified in your will, Trail Ridge Trust Company will file all necessary paperwork to formally close the estate.

It is always our goal to administer and close an estate to the exacting standards you define in your will in an orderly, efficient process. 


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