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Wyoming is widely regarded...

as one of the most favorable jurisdictions to create and administer trusts due to its modern, flexible trust laws and beneficial income tax environment.  Although Trail Ridge Trust Company, LLC can administer trusts under the laws of any state, as a Wyoming trust company, Trail Ridge offers its clients the many benefits of Wyoming trust situs and Wyoming law:

Modern Trust Laws

Directed Trusts

People who create trusts may divide responsibility for investments, distributions, and ministerial matters among multiple parties, whose liability for each other's actions is strictly limited.  Click here to learn more about directed trusts.

Asset Protection Trusts

Under Wyoming law, you may create a trust for your own benefit (called a "self-settled trust") and its assets can be insulated from the claims of your future creditors.

Dynasty Trusts

Wyoming law allows trusts to last for up to 1,000 years, enabling you through your trust to pass on your values to your beneficiaries for generations.

Settlement by Private Agreement

Interested parties can agree to resolve any matter regarding a trust's administration without having to go to court.  This ensures timely action that is outside of public view and with minimal expense.

Chancery Court

On December 1, 2021, Wyoming launched a chancery court that will resolve business and trust cases on an expedited schedule with bench trials, an electronic filing system, tailored rules of civil procedure, and closely-managed discovery.  The judges' expertise in trust matters will allow for efficient resolution of cases.

Privacy Protection

No Trust Registration

Wyoming does not require registration of trusts and trust instruments are not publicly available.

Court Documents Sealed

Court documents in a Wyoming court proceeding regarding the administration of a trust are sealed and not available for public viewing.

"Quiet" or "Silent" Trusts

A person who creates a trust may waive the beneficiary notice requirements that would otherwise apply under Wyoming law.*

* At its discretion, the trustee may nonetheless choose to report to beneficiaries, waiver of beneficiary notice requirements notwithstanding, absent prohibition from doing so in the terms of the trust.

Tax Efficiency

No Fiduciary Income Tax

Wyoming does not assess a fiduciary income tax.  This allows more of a trust's property to remain in the trust and grow for the beneficiaries over time.

Low Life Insurance Premium Tax

Wyoming assesses among the lowest life insurance premium taxes in the nation:  0.75% on the first $100,000 of premium and 0.075% thereafter.

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