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Trail Ridge Trust Company is a full service, local provider of trust and estate services for the clients of financial advisors. Your clients develop strong, long-term relationships with you, and they want those relationships to endure when the time comes to involve a professional trustee. Trail Ridge Trust Company is designed to support and help you maintain your valued client relationships.

Advisor Custody of Assets

Maintaining custody of the assets you manage is critical both to your business and to the service and experience you deliver to your clients. Trail Ridge Trust Company can accommodate advisor custody of investment assets—a rarity among fiduciary services firms.

Local Administration, Decision Making & Ownership

Trust administration has generally grown less personal among corporate fiduciaries. Often, trust personnel are located in far-away cities. Corporate sales goals frequently compete with the fiduciary duties owed to trust clients. Trail Ridge Trust Company is owned by its employees, so there are no sales goals. We meet in person with clients, make decisions, and administer trusts locally, complementing the high level of personal advice and service that you provide.

Meet at Your Office

You want to—and should—maintain a central position in the client relationships you refer to a professional trustee. We prefer to meet with the clients you refer to us at your offices. This practice allows us to maintain good communication with you, and you can directly experience our level of service to your clients.

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Wyoming Trust Situs

Trail Ridge Trust Company is a Wyoming-chartered trust company. This offers your clients significant benefits that most professional trustees cannot provide, including potential income tax savings, flexible and modern trust laws, and asset protection opportunities.

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For details about how Trail Ridge Trust Company can support your relationships with your clients who need professional trust services, we invite you to contact us.

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