Fiduciary Capacities

Doing What is Right

Trail Ridge Trust Company actively serves the fiduciary needs of individuals across the country. We may serve as a trustee, co-trustee, personal representative, and in other fiduciary capacities. As a fiduciary, Trail Ridge Trust Company is committed to doing what is right for you and your beneficiaries now and into the future.

Trustee and Co-Trustee

Trail Ridge Trust Company's team has decades of experience in acting as trustee for a wide variety of trust instruments. In some instances, it may be beneficial to nominate co-trustees in your trust document. Trail Ridge Trust Company is experienced in working in concert with other trustees to successfully and efficiently administer the trust. 

Personal Representative

Trail Ridge Trust Company is proud to serve as personal representative or executor of your last will and testament. It is our duty and privilege to execute your estate documents in accordance with your wishes. 

Agent Under Power of Attorney

In some circumstances, you may wish for Trail Ridge Trust Company to act as agent under Power of Attorney. You can define what actions your agent is permitted to take on your behalf should you become severely ill or incapacitated. 

Court-Appointed Conservator

In rare cases, the court system may appoint a fiduciary Conservator, or guardian, for certain individuals who may not be able to act in their own best interests due to severe physical or mental disability. Trail Ridge Trust Company is experienced in acting as Conservator, and our team takes pride in providing appropriate care for these individuals.

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