Marie Pascell

<span>Director of Client Service &#38; Operations</span>

Director of Client Service & Operations

With 35 years of client service experience, Marie values her interactions and relationships with  the people she serves. She takes pride in being responsive and timely, and helping people get  answers to the most difficult financial questions.

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Marie’s experience includes  administering personal, charitable, and split-interest trusts, decedents’ estates, and investment  management and individual retirement accounts. Previously, she served as a Client Service Manager with First National Bank Wealth Management, where she advised high-net-worth individuals and non profit organizations and coordinated estate settlements. She also served affluent clients at a large multi-national  bank. Before moving to Colorado, Marie was a fiduciary tax processor at the predecessor to HSBC Bank and a  trust assistant at M&T Bank in her native Buffalo, New York. She completed two years of the American Bankers  Association National Trust School.

Outside Interests

Outside Interests

Marie is an avid reader. She also loves to try new things—she joined a curling team. 

You'd Never Guess

Marie is one of 12 siblings, and enjoys visiting her family whenever she can.

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